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  Data and Statistics
 Exports and Imports
 Various Statistics
 Agricultural Land and Areas
 Agriculture Factbook
 Agriculture and Irrigation
 Agriculture Strategies and Policies
 Agriculture Census and Studies
 Organic Agriculture
 Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture
  Livestock and Fisheries
  Data and Statistics
 AIA Sales Reports
 New Car Sales and Inventory
 Car Accidents
     Data and Statistics
 General Investment
 Foreign Investment
 Total Consumption
 Private Consumption
 Consumer Prices
      General Reports
 Post 2019 Crisis Reports
 Lebanon Opportunities
 World Bank's Lebanon Economic Monitor
 IMF reports-Lebanon
 IIF Reports
 McKinsey Reports
 ESCWA Reports
 UN Reports
 Bank Audi Reports
 Fransabank Reports
 Blominvest Reports
 Byblos Bank Reports
 Credit Libanais Reports
 Ministry of Finance Reports
 Miscellaneous Reports
 Indicators-FFA Private Bank
 IMF reports-Regional
      Development and Social Issues
 United Nations
 UNDP Reports
 UNFPA Reports
 UNDAF Reports
 European Union Reports
 IMF Reports on Economic Performance under Emergency Post-Conflict Assistance
 Miscellaneous Reports
 Foreign Direct Investment
 General investment reports
 Investment reports-IDAL
 WEF's Competitiveness Reports
 World Bank's 'Doing Business' Reports
 IDALís Activity Reports
 Consumer confidence-Byblos Bank
 Consumption Reports
 Retail Indicators-Lebanese Franchise Association
 Inflation reports
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 Higher Education
 General Statistics
 General Education
 Vocational and Technical Education
 Education Evaluation
 Educational Plans, and Studies
 Education and Labor Market
 Education Evolution
 Syrian Crisis Response
  Data and Statistics
 Salary Scale
 Work Permits
 Reports on Lebanon
 Reports about Syrian Impact
 Reports on Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
 Data and Statistics
 Laws and Regulations
 Contacts and Addresses
    Financial Institutions
  Data and Statistics
 Distribution of Bank Credit
 Payment Cards
 Central Bank
 Centrale des Risques
 Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions
 Fraud and Money Laundering
 Banking Sector Structure, Workforce and Ratings
 Private Sector Deposits
 Banking Ratios
 Banks Ranking
 Treasury bills and Eurobonds
 Central Bank Annual Reports
 Central Bank Monetary Policy Reports
 Other Central Bank reports
 Economic Letter-Association of Banks
 Key Financial Indicators-Association of Banks
 Other reports by the Association of Banks
 Special Investigation Commissionís Annual Reports
 Banking Sector -Bank Audi
 Miscellaneous Reports
    Financial Markets
  Data and Statistics
 Capital Markets Monthly Statistics
 Stock Exchange Annual Statistics
 Stock Exchange Annual Trading Movement
 Prices of Eurobonds and Listed Shares-Capital Markets Authority
 Capital Markets Authority Annual Reports
 Market Analysis Reports
  Data and Statistics
 General Health Indicators
 Child and Mother Health
 Doctors, Nurses and Health Professionals
 Hospitals, Pharmacies and Medical Centers
 Pharmaceutical Market
 General Health Reports
 Healthcare Strategies and Reforms
 Pharmaceutical Market
    Hospitality and Tourism
  Data and Statistics
 Tourist Site Entry Fees
 Taxi rates
 Ski Resorts Specifications
 Beach Resorts
 Employment in Hospitality
 Number of Hotels and Restaurants
 Site Visitors
 Arrivals and Departures
 Hotel Occupancy and Rates
 Salaries in the Hospitality Sector
 Tourist VAT Refund/Spending
      Reports on Lebanon
 Analysis of Lebanonís Travel and Tourism Sector
 Travel and Tourism Economic Impact WTTC
 Ministry of Tourism Strategies
  Contacts and Addresses
 Training and Vocational Education
 Syndicates and Official Bodies
 Exhibitions and Fairs
  Laws and Regulations
 Administrative Steps and Specifications
    Information Technology
  Data and Statistics
 Telecom Regional Indicators
 Mobile Telecommunications
 General IT
 Fixed Lines
  Data and statistics
 Premiums and Claims
 ICC Quarterly Reports
 ICC Annual Reports
 ACAL Quarterly Reports
 ACAL Annual Reports
 World Bank Reports
 Blominvest Reports
 Miscellaneous reports
  Data and Statistics
 Industrial Exports and Imports of Industrial Machinery
 Strategies and Development Plans
 Industrial Sub-sector Reports
 Food and Beverages Industry
 Industrial Surveys and Studies
    Media, Press and Advertising
  Data and Statistics
 Digital Media
 State of Media
 Film Industry
 Investment Incentives
 Media and Advertising Industry
 Data & Statistics
 District Statistics
 Reports and Studies
    Public Finance/ Taxes
     Data and Statistics
      Debt, Budget, and Treasury
 Public Finance Monitor
 Public Debt
 Debt and Debt Markets
 Fiscal Revenues & Expenditures
 Salaries and Allowances
 Treasury Transfers to Electricitť du Liban (EDL)
 Revenue Bulletins
 Detailed Revenues
 Miscellaneous Public Finance Statistics
  Public Finance Annual Review
 Other reports by Ministry of Finance
 Reports by IMF
 Paris III Reports and Other Foreign Aid
 Reports and Studies on Taxes
 Miscellaneous Reports
     Laws and Regulations
 Tax Guides
 Other Guides
 Budget Law
 Miscellaneous Laws
    Public Works
  Data and Statistics
 Council for Development and Reconstruction
 Urban Planning
 Other Reports
    Real Estate and Construction
     Data and Statistics
      Main Indicators
 Cement Deliveries
 Construction Material
 Construction Permits
 Housing Characteristics
 Real Estate Ownership Distribution
 Real Estate Transactions
 Loans and Mortgages
      Real Estate Prices
 Real estate prices in Greater Beirut and suburbs
 Value of Property Taxes
  Reports and Studies
 Bank Audi
 Urban Planning
 Credit Libanais
 BLOM Bank
 Order of Engineers Beirut
 Other Reports
  Laws and Regulations
 Administrative Steps and Procedures
 Tax Laws
 Rental Law
 Property Laws
  Data and Statistics
 Import and Export
 LFA-CCIABML Retail Sales Indicator
 BTA-Fransabank retail sales indicator
 Other Reports
  Data and Statistics
 Arrivals and Departures by Nationality-CAS
 Land Transportation
 Sea Port
 Official Reports
 Bank Reports
 Other Reports
    Water and Energy
  Data and Statistics
 USAID Litani River Basin Management Support Program
 Renewable energy
 Oil and gas

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