Telecom Regional Indicators
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Sub-category: Telecom Regional Indicators

Social Media Use in MENA 2019 NU-Q
Internet and Facebook Users in MENA Region 2011-2017
Households with a Computer in Selected ESCWA Countries 2016
NRI Rankings for MENA Countries 2016
Global Innovation Index for Selected Arab Countries 2016
E-Government Development Index in Selected Arab countries2016
Internet Users in ESCWA Region 2009-2016
Telecommunications Contribution to GDP in Selected Arab Countries 2010-2015
Computer and Online Factors of Selected Arab Countries2010-2015
Telecommunications Employees in Selected Arab Countries 2010-2015
Fixed Line Penetration in the Arab Region 2011-2014
ICT Indicators 2012
Fixed Broadband Penetration Rates 2011-2014
Social Media Report 2014
Piracy Rates and Losses in selected ESCWA Countries 2008-2013
ICT Indicators 2012
ICT Indicators in the Education Sector 2012
E-Participation Index 2012
Postal E-Services Rankings 2012
NRI Ranking 2012
Shopping Behavior of MasterCard Holders 2012
Facebook, Twitter, Internet and Mobile Subscriptions in ESCWA Region 2011
Companies Working ICT Sector in Selected ESCWA Countries 2011
ICT Usage by Government and Improved Efficiency Services 2009-2011
Implementation of Online Government Services 2010
Households with a Computer in the ESCWA Region 2009-2010
ICT Price Basket 2010
Mobile Phone Subscribers in the ESCWA Region 2009-2010
Telecommunications Revenues in Selected ESCWA Countries 2008-2009