Agriculture Census and Studies
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Sub-category: Agriculture Census and Studies

Technical Agricultural education Briefing Note 2020 FAO
Food Security in Lebanon Policy Brief August 2020 ESCWA
Value Chain Assessment of Freekeh in Lebanon 2020 UNDP-LHSP
Outplanting Monitoring Report Phase 2 2019 USAID
Food Security and Agriculture 2019 Mid-Year Dashboard UN
Status of Aquaculture in Lebanon 2019 FAO
Performance of Overwinter Cover Crops in Coastal Lebanon 2019 Lebanese Science Journal
Lebanon Honey Value Chain Analysis Report 2018 ACTED
Value Chain Analysis of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 2018 CBI, MoFA
Lebanon Olive Value Chain 2018 EU and ACTED
The Lebanese Olive Oil Sector 2018 Blominvest
Medreset Working Papers 2018 EU
Potato and Leafy Green Vegetables Value Chain in Akkar ILO 2018
The Cooperatives Sector in Lebanon ILO 2018
Identifying Income Generating Opportunities in Agro-Food & Environment in Saida 2017 Premiere Urgence Internationale
Promotion of Green Entrepreneurship and Grassroots Ecological and Social Innovations in Lebanon 2017 SwitchMed
Effects of Trade Liberalization on Agriculture 2017
Value Chain Analysis of Greenhouse Vegetables in Lebanon 2017 WUR
Olives Agriculture 2017 MoA (Arabic)
Understanding the Issues Linked to the Agricultural sectors in lebanon 2017 Heinrich Boll Foundation
Avocados Agriculture 2017 MoI and EU (Arabic)
Non-Wood Forest Product Value Chains in Lebanon 2016 FAO
Honey Lebanons Golden Elixir 2016 Blominvest
Ashtta Agriculture 2016 MoA (Arabic)
Agricultural Production Results 2016 MoA
National Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Analysis for Agriculture 2016
National Guidelines for Greenhouse Rainwater Harvesting System in the Agriculture Sector 2016 MoE
Lebanon’s National Blueprint for a Sustainable Forest Biomass 2016 UNDP CEDRO
The Lebanese Wheat Market, A Lay of the Land 2016 Blominvest
Citrus Cultivation- Lebanon's Sour Sector 2016 Blominvest Bank
Assessment of the Lebanese Grapevine Germplasm 2016 BIO Conference
Forest inventory and management plans of Bkessine and Andket forests 2016 UNDP CEDRO
Bekaa Exports 2010 – 2015 (Arabic)
Outplanting Monitoring Report Phase 1 2015 USAID
Beekeeping for Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Rural Livelihood 2015 Engineers Without Borders
Food Security and Livelihoods Assessment of Lebanese Host Communities 2015 June
Exports to Russia 2014
Developing the Typical Diary Products of the Bekaa and Baalbeck-Hermel CCIAZ 2014
Historical Fisheries Catch Reconstruction for Lebanon 2014 Fisheries Centre
Tomato Value Chain Assessment 2014 Mercy Corps
Agricultural Sector of Lebanon ESCWA 2013
Lebanese Agricultural Sector: Steady Steps to Recovery 2013 Blominvest
Cucumber Field Guide 2012 MoA
Beekeeping 2012 UNDP
Zaatar Agriculture 2012 MoA and UNDP (Arabic)
Tomato Agriculture Field Guide 2012 FAO and MoA (Arabic)
National Report on the Situation of Animal Genetic Resources 2012 FAO
Tuta Absoluta Tomato Disease 2011 MoA
Agricultural Census 2010 (Arabic)
Aligning Public Expenditures with Comparative Advantage 2010 World Bank
Vulnerability and Adaptation of Agriculture Sector 2010 MoE UNDP
Food Safety and Quality 2009 AUB
Forest Tree Nurseries Assessment 2008
Country Report: State of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture 2007
July 2006 War Impact Assessment on Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2006
Aquaculture in Lebanon 2006 World Aquaculture
Agriculture in Lebanon 2006 - 2007 (Arabic)
Census of Fishing Vessels and Fishing Facilities 2005
Agriculture and Rural Development in MENA 2003
Pesticides knowledge, attitude and practice 2003
Action Plan for Improvement of Olive Oil Sector 2003
Macroeconomic Study of Agriculture, Forests, Fisheries 1999 – 2001
Medicinal Trees in Lebanon 1997 FAO