Educational Plans, and Studies
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Sub-category: Educational Plans, and Studies

Comparing Higher Education Interventions for Refugees in Germany and Lebanon 2020 IIE PEER
Political Economy of Education in Lebanon 2020 World Bank
Pathways to and Beyond Education for Refugee Youth in Jordan and Lebanon 2019 AUB Policy Institute
Higher Education in Lebanon Between Quality Requirements and Market Challenges 2019 UA
Reference Frame for Continuous Training at Center for Education Research and Development 2019 CRDP (Arabic)
National Strategic Framework for Technical Vocational Education and Training 2018 ILO
Reviewing Work-Based Learning Programmes for Yound People 2018 UNESCO
Support to Public Institutions in Lebanon Under the LCRP 2017-2022 UNDP
Barriers to Education for Children with Disabilities in Lebanon 2018 Human Rights Watch
Impact of Internet on Children 2018 CRDP (Arabic)
Public Expenditure Review 2017 World Bank
Views of Youth Non-Formal Education in Lebanon 2017 USAID
Lebanon Crisis Response Plan for Education 2017-2020
National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties 2016 CRDP
An Education for the Future 2016 Center for Lebanese Studies
Education Reform Policies in Lebanon 2016 Lebanese Center for Studies
Growing Up Without an Education 2016 Human Rights Watch
Ready for tomorrow 2016 Save the Children
Child Education Survey 2016
National and Civic Education Study 2016 (Arabic)
Implementing Compulsory Education 2015 (Arabic)
D-RASATI 2010-2015
Education Sector Development Plan 2010-2015
Internet safety for Children 2015 (Arabic)
Education Development Project II 2015
Reaching all Children with Education in Lebanon 2014
Terms of Reference for the Education Sector 2013
Education Without Borders 2013
Education Sector Development Plan 2012-2013
Ministry of Education and Higher Education Progress Report 2011
National Education Strategy 2006
Financing and Political Economy of Higher Education 2009 Economic Research Forum
Student Achievement study 2003 (Arabic)