Industrial Sub-sector Reports
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Sub-category: Industrial Sub-sector Reports

Milling and Baking Sector in Respect to Lebanese Bread Manufacturer 2019 MoET
Natural Soap and Ecotourism 2019 UNCTAD
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector in 2018 Blominvest
Textile and Clothes Study 2018 MoI
BMI Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare in Lebanon 2018 Blominvest
Cigarettes Industry and the Upgraded Pdocution Trends 2018 Blominvest
Furniture and Wood Factsheet 2017 IDAL
Knowledge Economy 2017 MoI
Steel industry 2017 Blominvest
Chemical Industry 2017 IDAL
Cement Industry 2016 Blominvest
Jewelry Industry 2016 Blominvest
Analysis of Lebanon's Food Sector 2016 Bankmed
Aluminum Industry 2015 Blominvest
Plastic Industry Leveraging its Strengths 2015 Blominvest
Steel Industry 2014 Blominvest
Analysis of Lebanonís Apparel Market 2014 Bankmed
Cement Indutry 2014 Blominvest
Pharmaceutical Fact Sheet 2013 IDAL
Steel Market 2013 Blominvest
Steel Industry 2013 Blominvest
Steel Industry 2011 Blominvest
Cement Industry in the MENA 2010 Blominvest
AgriPlus Report 2015 IDAL
The Economics of Tobacco in Lebanon 2010 AUB
The Economics of Tobacco in Lebanon 2010 AUB
Enhancing the Competitiveness of Exports of Textiles in the ESCWA Region 1999