Post 2019 Crisis Reports
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Sub-category: Post 2019 Crisis Reports

Crisis in Lebanon Anatomy of a Financial Collapse 2020 FDD
IMF and Lebanon The Long Road Ahead 2020 OXFAM
Vulnerability and Food Security Assessment 2020 WFP - World Bank
Governement of Lebanon Economic Plan 2020 MoET
Beirut Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment August 2020 IBRD- World Bank
Food Security in Lebanon Policy Brief August 2020 ESCWA
Beirut Explosion Impact Assessment 2020 Strategy&
Wealth Distribution and Poverty Impact of COVID-19 2020 ESCWA
Assessing the Impact of the Economic and COVID-19 Crises 2020 WFP
Governance, Foundation of Needed Recovery 2020 Blominvest
Pulling Lebanon out of the Pit 2020 ICG
Deposits and Real Estate amid the Crisis 2020 Blominvest
Eurobonds Market in H1 2020 Amid Government Default-Blominvest
Introduction to the Economics of Dual Exchange Rates 2020 Blominvest
Contributions to Growth-Need to Invigorate Domestic Sources 2020 Blominvest
Savings, Investment, and Current Account 2020 Blominvest
Lebanon – Untangling Financial Engineering Operations 2020 BofA Securities
What Next for Livelihoods Programs in Lebanon 2020 DSP
Lebanon Economic Update April 2020 World Bank
Government COVID-19 Measures March 2020 IDAL
Economic Cost of Policy Action Against Coronavirus 2020 IOF
Getting Out of the Crisis-Roadmap to Recovery 2019 Blominvest
Country Report Lebanon Nov 2019 EIU
Overview of the Lebanese Economy in 2019 Blominvest
Macro Economy 2019 Fransabank
Lebanon Economic Monitor Fall 2019 World Bank
Lebanon Economic Report Q4 2019 Bank Audi
Lebanon’s Economic Crisis Jan 2020 Arab Reform Initiative
Lebanon-Chance to act to restore stability Jan 2020 IIF
Impact of Crisis on Jobs and Salaries 2019 Lebanon Opportunities
Economic Revival Plan 2019 Lebanon Opportunities
Is External Default in Lebanon Inevitable-2019 Goldman Sachs
Lebanon-Assessing Recovery Value 2019 BAML