State of Media
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Sub-category: State of Media

Advertising and Media in Lebanon 2019 Research for Business
Identifying Skills and Gaps for Media Institutions 2019 UNDP
Communication Interventions Supporting Civic Action in Lebanon 2018 K4D
Media Landscape of Lebanon 2018 European Journalism Centre
Media Landscape of Lebanon 2017 Malmo University
Arab Media Outlook 2016-2018 Dubai Press Club
Freedom on the Net 2016 Freedom House
Assessment of Media Legislation in Lebanon 2015 EU
Analysis of Lebanonís Media and Advertising Sector 2015 Bankmed
Subliminal Marketing 2013 Journal of Business & Management
Confidence in News Media 2013 LAU-AUST
The Development of Sustainable Independent Media 2013 USAID
The Myth of Media Freedom 2013 Arab Media and Society
Access to Information in the MENA Region 2012 World Bank
Ethics and the Media: The Lebanese Experience 2012
Towards Enhancing Freedom of Expression 2012
New Media and Old Problems EC 2011 European Commission
Media Reforms: New Media, New Politics 2011 University of Pennsylvania
Media Relations for NGOs 2010 USAID
Survey on State of Media in Lebanon 2010 ACRLI
Media Coverage and Violations of Article 68 of the Parliamentary Electoral Law 2008 Ministry of Interior
Media Sectarianism 2007 Arab Media & Society
Media in Lebanon 2007 ACRLI
Media in Lebanon: Reporting on a Nation Divided 2006 IPI
Impact of Perceived Political Advertising on Parliamentary Elections 2005 American Communication Journal
Impact of Counterfeit and Smuggling on Brands 2003 PWC
Enhancing Business Community Relations 2003 UNDP