General investment reports
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Sub-category: General investment reports

Lebanon Enterprise Survey 2019-World Bank
Impact of Covid-19 on the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem 2020 Wamda Arabnet
Trends in Sustainable Development Goals 2020 GCNL
Economic Vision and Capital Investment Plan: “New” path for development? 2019 ANND
Transition Finance Country Study Lebanon 2019 OECD
Government’s Vision for Stabilization and Development-CEDRE 2018
CEDRE and Capital Investment Plan to Lift Infrastructure 2018 Blominvest
Assessment of Capital Investment Plan 2018 World Bank
Capital Investment Program-Transport 2018 Credit Libanais
Sustainable Development Goals 2018
CEDRE Conference & Capital Investment Plan 2018 Blominvest
Potential PPP Infrastructure Projects CEDRE 2018
Predictive Power of Purchasing Managers’ Index 2018 Blominvest
Assessment of Circular 331 2017 IBGC
Tripoli Special Economic Zone Phase 1 Report Summary 2011 USAID
Tripoli Special Economic Zone Phase 1 Main Report 2011 USAID