Laws and Regulations
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Sub-category: Laws and Regulations

Guide to Tax Credits on Activities that Protect the Environment 2018 MoF (Arabic)
Decree 617 on Joining the Basel Amendment for Hazardous Waste Transport 2017 (Arabic)
Decree 167 for the Implementation of Law 444 on Environment Protection 2017 (Arabic)
Decree 657 on Turning Ehmej into a Natural Site 2016 (Arabic)
Decree 3989 on Establishing an Environmental Police Unit 2016 (Arabic)
Solid Waste Plan by Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb 2016 (Arabic)
Cabinet Modified Decision on Waste Management 2015 (Arabic)
Environmental Compliance Deadline Decision-MoE 2015
Law 251 on the Appointment of Public Attorneys for Environmental Affairs 2014 (Arabic)
Decree 11949 on turning Nabay quarry into a natural site-2014
Decree 11987 on Hunting Insurance 2014 (Arabic)
Law 257 on Turning Jaj Cedars Park into a Natural Reserve 2014 (Arabic)
Decree 8157 Establishing a National Council for the Environment 2012 (Arabic)
Decree 8471 on Environmental Compliance 2012 (Arabic)
Decree 8633 on Environmental Impact Assessment 2012 (Arabic)
Decree 7494 on the Classification of Jabal Moussa as a Natural Reserve 2012 (Arabic)
Decree 5234 on the Restoration of Quarries
Decree 2275 on the Organization of the Units, Tasks, and Appointments at the MoE 2009 (Arabic)
Decree 716 on the Masterplan of Industrial Zones in Chekka, Anfeh, and Heri 2007 (Arabic)
Decree 17544 on Organizing the Statute of the Higher Council for Hunting 2006 (Arabic)
Law 690 on the Organization of the Ministry of Environment 2005 (Arabic)
Decree 14865 on Environment Ministry Contributions to NGOs 2005 (Arabic)
Decree 580 on the Organization of Overground Hunting 2004 (Arabic)
Decree 13389 for Management of Medical Waste 2004 (Arabic)
Decree 8006 on Medical Waste Types 2002
Decree 9222 on the Statute of the Higher Council of Quarries 2002 (Arabic)
Law 412 on Protection of EuroAsian and West African Immigrating Birds (Arabic)
Decree 8803 on the Organization of Quarries (Arabic)
Law 444 on Environment Protection (Arabic)
Standards of Air Pollutants, Liquid Waste, and Wastewater Treatment Plants 2007 MoE
Decree 5243 on the Classification of Industrial Institutions 2001 (Arabic)
Law 9 for the Establishment of Tannourine Cedars Natural Reserve (Arabic)
Law 67 on Maritime Routes for Non-Navigation Purposes 1999 (Arabic)
Law 10 Establishing the Yammouneh Natural Reserve 1999 (Arabic)
Law 11 Establishing the Bentael Natural Reserve 1999 (Arabic)
Law 532 Establishing the Shouf Cedars Natural Reserve 1996 (Arabic)
Air, Water, Soil Pollution Level Specs Decree- MoE 1996
Decree 5509 on Public Conditions for Petroleum Derivatives Importers 1994 (Arabic)
Law 387 on Joining the Basel Treaty for the Transport of Hazardous Waste 1994 (Arabic)
Law 360 on Joining the UN Biological Diversity Agreement 1994 (Arabic)
Decree 4917 on the Classification of Dangerous and Harmful Institutions 1994 (Arabic)
Law 216 Establishing the Ministry of Environment 1993 (Arabic)
Decree 253 Allowing the Government to Join Ozone Layer Protection Treaties 1993 (Arabic)
Laws, Decrees, and Decisions for the Protection of the Environment
Law 64 on the Protection of the Environment from Harmful Waste and Dangerous Materials 1988 (Arabic)