Agriculture Strategies and Policies
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Sub-category: Agriculture Strategies and Policies

Lebanon National Forest Program 2015- 2025 Ministry of Agriculture
Partnering for Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development and Management of Social Resources 2019 FAO
Legalizing Cannabis Cultivation 2018 Knowledge to Policy Center
Lebanon Country Strategic Plan WFP 2018-2020
Plan of Action for Resilient Livelihoods 2014-2018 FAO
Operational Response Plan for Food Security 2018 UNHCR
Dynamics of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Agriculture Sector 2020 AUB
Harmonized Action for Livestock Enhanced Production 2017 IFAD
Lebanon and FAO Partnering for Sustainable Agriculture 2017
Lebanon Agricultural Sector Policies 2016
Export Value Chain Analysis of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 2016 MoFA
Economic Opportunities and Job Creation - Agriculture Section 2016 FAO
Lebanon Country Programming Framework 2016 2019 FAO
National Strategy for Maintaining Plant Genetic Resources FAO 2015-2030
Ministry of Agriculture Strategy 2015 2019
Ministry of Agriculture Strategy 2010 2014 (Arabic)
Safeguarding and Restoring Lebanon's Woodland Project 2014 UNDP MoE
Agri Plus Program 2014
National Agricultural Policy Report 2005
Agricultural Strategy MOA 2001