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Sub-category: Reports

MENA Air Pollution Report 2020 Greenpeace
CES-MED Lebanon Municipality of Beirut Sustainable energy action plan SEAP- EU 2016-2020
Life Cycle Assessment for Solid Waste Management in Lebanon 2019 WM&R
Solid Waste Management in Lebanon Lessons for decentralization 2019 DRI
Solid Waste SDG-NDC Synchronization Assessment and Recommendations 2019 MoE - UNDP
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to Integrate Gender in Climate Reporting 2019 MoE-UNDP
Renewable Energy SDG-NDC Synchronization Assessment and Recommendations 2019 MoE-UNDP
Third Biennial Update Report on Lebanon Climate Change 2019 MoE
A Broader View of the Liatni's Pollution Crisis 2019 AUB
Transitions to Renewable Energy and Sustainable Prosperity in Lebanon 2019 ESCWA
Solid Waste Management at the Municipality level 2019 DRI
Solid Waste Management in Lebanon 2019 DRI
Solid Waste Management Tyre City Profile 2019 CCACoalition
Lebanon The State of Waste 2019 Heinrich Boll Stiftung
Inclusivity and Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Lebanon 2019 Democracy Reporting International
The Environment Marker for the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2019 MoE
Women's role in protecting the environment in Lebanon Focus on Tripoli 2019 Euro-Med Women
Lebanon National Strategy for Air Quality Management 2015- 2030 MoE
Pollution report 2018- 2019 LARI
Sustainable Forest Management Trail Book Rene Mouawad Foundation
Introduction to the Lebanese Environmental Action Financing 2018 LCEC
Evaluating Renewable Energy Manufacturing Potential in Jordan Lebanon and UAE 2018 IRENA
Rapid Cost of Environmental Degradation 2018 UNDP
Roads and Employment Project- Environmental and Social Management Framework 2018 CDR
Lebanon Climate Change Profile 2018 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Baalbeck Solar Pumping Systems Project 2018 LCEC
Main Aspects of Wind Power Purchase Agreements 2018 LCEC
An Overview of the Power Purchase Agreement for Solar Farms 2018 LCEC
NEEREA for Heat Pump Systems and On-Field Monitoring Activities 2018 LCEC
First Energy Indicators Report February 2018 LCEC
Recycling Farm Biomass for Biogas Production AUB
2017 Solar PV Status Report 2018 UNDP
Transport Sector Bus Study on Oil and Gas 2018 MoEW
The Lebanon Municipal Solid Waste Crisis and Pathways forward 2018 Arthur D Little
Village 24 Initiative 2018 MoEW
Energy Efficient Home Appliances Report 2018 UNDP
Solid Waste Management Policy 2018 (Arabic)
Derisking Solar Energy Investments in Lebanon 2017 UNDP
Environmental Impact of Petroleum Activities in Lebanon 2017 Lebanese Oil & Gas Initiative
European Commission and Lebanon Climate Act 2017
Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action in Lebanon's Municipal Solid Waste Sector 2017 MOE
Decentralisation of Solid Waste Management in Lebanon 2017 HEINRICH BOLL STIFTUNG ME
Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Arab Region 2017 ESCWA
Case Study On Policy Reforms to Promote Renewable Energy in Lebanon 2017 ESCWA
Derisking Wind Energy Investments in Lebanon 2017 UNDP
Environment Related Financial Mechanisms September 2017 LCEC
National Implementation Plan on Persistent Organic Pollutants 2017 MoE
Waste Management Systems in Lebanon 2017 KTH
National Air Quality Management Strategy 2017 MoE
Updated Masterplan for the Closure and Rehabilitation of Uncontrolled Dumpsites 2017 MoE
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment -Upgrade of Ain Baal Solid Waste Treatment Facility 2017 CDR
Environmental Management Plan for Land Administration Modernization 2017 MoF
Assessment of Solid Waste Management Practices 2015-2017 EU
Support to Reforms – Environmental Governance Reform Programme 2017 EU
Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2013-2017 UNDP
Clean Technology FactBook 2016 IDAL
National Guideline for Rain Water Harvesting Systems 2016 MoE
National Blueprint for a Sustainable Forest Biomass 2016 UNDP
Green Jobs Assessment in Lenanon ILO-UNDP
Economic Costs of Climate Change 2015 UNDP
Ministry of Environment Achievements 2014-2016
National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2016
Hazardous Waste Factsheet 2016
Wildfires 2016 MoE
Environmental Performance Index 2016
Guide for Municipalities to Enhance Environmental Management 2016 MoE
National Strategy and Workplan of Biological Variety 2016 Ministry of Environment (Arabic)
Third National Communication on Climate Change to UNFCCC 2016 MoE
Road Transport Sector and Air Pollution Case of Lebanon 2016 IPTEC
How to Solve the Waste Crisis 2015 BLOM
National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report and Mitigation Analysis for the Agriculture Sector 2015
Wastless Lebanon 2022 UNHabitat 2015
Approaching the Waste Crisis in Lebanon 2015 AUB K2P
Renewable Energy and Industry 2015 UNDP
National greenhouse gas inventory report on transport-2015
Shouf Biosphere Reserve Thermal Biomass for Lebanon 2015
Fifth National Report of Lebanon to the Convention of Biological Diversity 2015 UNDP
The Way Forward to Safeguard Water in Lebanon 2015 AUB
Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan for the Industrial Sector 2015 MoE
The Mobility Cost-2015
Traffic Related Air Pollution 2014 HAL
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of PCB Management in the Power Sector 2015 MoE
Solar Water Heating Techscope Market Readiness Assessment 2014 UNEP
Management of Recyclable Materials for Municipalities
Towards a Shared Environmental System: Lebanon Country Report 2015 MoE
Ministry of Environment – UNDP Key Achievements 2010-2015
Cost of Environmental Degradation Due to Solid Waste Management Practices 2014
Waste Management Awareness Campaign 2014
Climate Finance Loan Schemes 2014 MoE
Lebanon Country Report on Solid Waste 2014 GIZ
Environmental Assessment of the Syrian Conflict September 2014 UNDP
Environmental Pollution Abatement Project 2014 World Bank
Environmental and Social Impact of Polychlorinated Biphenyls 2014 MoE
Lake Qaraoun Pollution Prevention Project World Bank
Climate Change Country Profile UNDP
European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument
Greenhouse Gas Audit Report 2013 UNDP
Thermal Comfort in Lebanese Residental Unit Case Study 2013 BAU
Shouf Biosphere Reserve Administrative Plan 2013-2017
Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve Annual Report 2013
Industrial Pollution Management System 2013 MoE
Solid Waste Management Plan 2013 MoE (Arabic)
National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report 2013 MoE
National Action Program to Combat Desertification
Assessment of the Effectiveness of CEDRO, Global Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative 2013 UNDP
Technology Needs Assessment for Climate Change 2012 MoE
Marine Protected Area Strategy 2012 MoE
National Bioenergy Strategy 2012 CEDRO
An Economic Assessment of Water Use and Water Pollution in the Litani River Basin 2012 USAID
Country environmental report -2011
Environmental Impact of Off-Grid Backup Electricity Generating Sector
Climate Change and Tourism 2011 Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Country Report on Solid Waste Management 2010
Analysis for European Neighborhood Policy Countries and the Russian Federation on Social and Economic Benefits of Enhanced Environmental Protection 2011
Case Study on National Strategy for Forest Fire Management AUB
National Capacity Self-Assessment 2007 UNDP
Residential Solar Heater Market 2011 MoEW
National Economic, Environment and Development Studies for Climate Change Project 2011 MoE
Country Environmental Analysis 2011 World Bank
State of the Environment Report 2011 MoE
Second National Communication to the UNFCCC 2011 MoE
Environmental Governance 2010
Air Polution in Lebanon 2010 AOU
Global forest resources assessment 2010
Environmental Changes in Lebanon During the Holocene 2008 Journal of Arid Environments
National Strategy for Forest Fires 2009 (Arabic)
Fourth National Report of Lebanon to the Convention of Biological Diversity 2009 UNDP
Integrated Northern Coast Management 2009 MoE
National Report to Third Session of UN Forum on Forests 2003
Gateway to Land and Water Information 2002
State of Lebanon’s Wildfires 2008 MoE
Economic Assessment of Environmental Degradation due to July 2006 Hostilities 2007 World Bank
Statistical Analysis for Fires in Lebanon for 2007 MoE
Water Quality Assessemnt of Lebanese Coastal Rivers during Dry Season and Pollution Load into the Mediterranean Sea 2007 Journal of Water and Health
Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment 2007 UNEP
Environmental Impact of the 2006 Lebanon War 2006 Heinrich Böll Foundation
Environmental Emergency Response to the Lebanon Crisis 2006 UN
Third National Report of Lebanon to the Convention of Biological Diversity 2005 UNDP
Cost Recovery for Solid Waste Management in Lebanon-2005
National Compendium of Statistics on Environmental Statistics 2006 CAS
Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005 FAO
Renewable Energy Resources Practical Applications 2005 LAU
Millennium Development Goals 2005 UNDP
Cost of Environmental Degradation 2004 World Bank
Climate Change and Variability: Impact on Land Use
Cost Assessment of Environmental Degradation 2003 World Bank-METAP
Coastal Area Management Project 2002
First Forestation Plan 2001 MoE (Arabic)
Second National Report of Lebanon to the Convention of Biological Diversity 2001 UNDP
Biological Diversity: First National Report 1998
National Report, Earth Summit 1996
State of the Environment
Morphology, Climatology, Hydrology, Vegetation, and Environment