Strategies and Development Plans
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Sub-category: Strategies and Development Plans

Incentives for Industrial Sector 2020 IDAL
Operational Plan for Industry 2019 MoI (Arabic)
Strategic Plan for the Development of Industrial Zones 2018-2030 MoI (Arabic)
Roadmap for Scaling up Resource Efficiency in Industry 2018 UNIDO
Ministry of Industry Policies and Initiatives Report 2018 (Arabic)
Operational Industrial Plan 2018 MoI (Arabic)
World Manufacturing Forum 2018
Operational Plan for Industry 2016-2017 (Arabic)
MoI's Policies for Acheiving Sustainable Development Goals 2017
Industrial Vision 2025 MoI
Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 MoI
Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2015-2016
Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan for the Industry 2015
Mapping Clusters in Cultural and Creative Industries the Southern Mediterranean 2014 UNIDO
Integrated Program to Enhance Competitiveness in Industry 2007
Action Plan for the Development of Industry 1999