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Sub-category: Other Reports

VAM Update on Food Price Trends August 2020 WFP
Lebanon VAM Update on Food Price Trends 2020 WFP
COVID-19 Investment and Export Guide 2020 IDAL
External Sector- Preliminary Analysis 2020 Blominvest
Lebanon SME Strategy 2020 MoET
Consumer Price Index 2019 CAS
Insights on Food and Beverages Market 2019 Blominvest
Patterns in Lebanons Consumer Spending 2019-2023 Blominvest
Proposal to Reduce the Balance of Trade Deficit 2019 MoI
EU Trade in goods with Lebanon 2019
National Green Export Review of Lebanon Natural Soap and Ecotourism 2019 UNICTAD
Lebanon Trade and Investment Risk Report Q3 2019 Bloominvest
European Union, Trade in goods with Lebanon June 2019 European Commission
Promoting Lebanese Complex Exports through Upgrading Productive Knowledge 2019 LCPS
UK Lebanon Trade Parliamentary Report 2019 Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Registered Foreign Companies 2019 MoET
Capitalizing on Lebanon's Comparative Advantage 2019 LCPS
Lebanon's Trade Deficit Up in 2018-Feb 2019 Blominvest Bank
Changes in Higher Customs Council January 2019 Customs Council
Lebanon Trade Activity - H1 2019 BLOM Invest
E- Commerce Companies in Lebanon 2018 IDAL
Lebanon Investment Policy Review 2018 UNICTAD
EU-Lebanon Trade in Goods 2017 EU
Trade Potential Amid the Headwinds in 2017 BLOM Invest Bank
Effects of Trade Liberalization on Agriculture in Lebanon 2017 UNDP
The Food and Beverage Sector CCIA 2017
Analysis of the Lebanese Food Market 2016 BankMed
Export Value Chain Analysis Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Lebanon 2016 MoFA
Analysis of the External Sector 2016 BankMed
EU Partnership Agreement: Text and Application 2015 CCIA-BML
Analysis of the Apparel Market 2015 BankMed
Impact of the Syrian Conflict on Lebanese Trade 2015 World Bank
Trade Activities Till July 2014 Customs
European Neighborhood Policy Progress 2014 EU
Protecting Consumers in Lebanon the Need for Effective Food Safety Program 2014 AUB
ESCWA Trade Facilitation and the Single Window 2011 ESCWA
Competitiveness of Foreign Trade in ESCWA countries 2011 ESCWA
Lebanon Trade Brief 2008 World Bank
Competition in the Lebanese Economy 2003 Consultation and Research Institute
Counterfeiting and Smuggling 2003 PWC
ATA Carnet and Countries of Use