General Health Reports
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Sub-category: General Health Reports

Lebanon Unions of Municipalities COVID-19 Rapid Assessment Report 2020 UN-Habitat
Documentation and Access to Healthcare for Refugees in Lebanon 2020 NRC
Covid-19-Concerns and Needs of Syrian Refugees in Informal Tented Settlements 2020 LPC
Women Needs and Gender Equality in Lebanon's COVID-19 Response 2020 UN Women
Policy Brief COVID-19 and Mental Health 2020 UN
COVID-19 Lebanon Emergency Appeal May 2020 UN
COVID-19 Emergency Appeal July 2020 UN
COVID-19 and Economic Downfall Unveil Migrant Workers Mental Health Crisis 2020 MSF
Knowledge and Protection Concerns around Covid- 19 in Informal Tented Settlements in the Bekaa 2020 NRC
COVID 19 Operational Plan March 2020 MoPH
Coronavirus Disease 2019 -COVID 2019- Health Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan 2020 MoPH
Needs of Women with Substance Disorder 2019 MoPH
Influenza Surveillance Bulletin 2020 MoPH
National Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer adn Early Detection 2019 MoPH
Health Access and Utilization Survey Among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 2019 UNHCR
El Qobeh Neighbourhood 2018 UNICEF
The Healthcare System in Lebanon 2018 Blominvest
Health Access and Utilization Survey Among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 2018 UNHCR
Refugees Healthcare and Crises Informal Syrian Health Workers in Lebanon 2018 IIED
Annual Referral Health Care Report 2018 UNHCR
Healthcare Needs and Barriers of Persons with Disabilities 2018 AUB
Healthcare Marketing 2018 LIU
The Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018 World Economic Forum
The Collaborative Governance of Lebanon's Health Sector 2018 MoPH
Social and Environmental framework of Lebanon Health Resilience Project 2018 MoPH
Global School-based Student Health Survey Report 2017 MoPH
Primary Healthcare System 2017 WHO
Alcohol Drinking and Young People in Lebanon Potential Solutions to Delay Initiation and Reduce Harm 2017 AUB
National Report on Drug Situation in Lebanon 2017 MoPH
Global School-based Student Health Survey Lebanon Report 2017 WHO
Regional Public Health Strategy 2016-2018 UNHCR
Primary Healthcare Centers 2017 MoPH (Arabic)
Health Risks of Burning Waste in Lebanon 2017 HRW
Access to Healthcare for Syrian Refugees 2016 Lebanon Support
Health System Resilience and the Syrian Refugee Crisis 2016 Journal of Global
Tuberculosis Report 2016 WHO
Cancer Burden in Lebanon 2016 ISPOR
Food Safety 2015 Ministry of Public Health (Arabic)
Healthcare Indicators 2015 World Bank
Lebanon-WHO Statistical Profile 2013
Public Health 2013 CDR
Blominvest Health Report 2013
Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 2013 UNHCR
Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic 2013 WHO
National Health Statistics 2012
Aids in Lebanon 2013 Human and Health Magazine
Noncommunicable Diseases 2011
School-based Student Health Survey 2011 MEHE
Mental Health System 2010 WHO
Health System Profile 2006 WHO
Mental Health System 2010 WHO
School-based Student Health Survey 2005 MEHE
Selected Health Conditions 2004 MoPH
National Health Accounts 2000 MoPH