Official Reports
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Sub-category: Official Reports

Institutional Capacity Development of the Railway and Public Transportation 2019-2021 UNDP
Public Transport SDG-NDC Synchronization Assessment and Recommendations 2019 MoE- UNDP
Innovative Vehicle and Bus Technologies Needed for Sustainable Mobility in Greater Beirut 2018 MoEW
National Public Transport Project 2018 World Bank
Airport Expansion Plan 2018 Directorate General of Civil Aviation
Reducing Traffic Congestion in Beirut 2017 World Bank
Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action in Lebanon’s Private Road Transport Sector 2017 MoE
Roads and Employment Project 2017 World Bank
Nahr el Kalb-Tabarja Expropriation Plan 2016 CDR
Implementation Completion and Results Report on Loans for Urban Transport Development Program 2016 World Bank
The Mobility Cost 2015 UNDP
Sustainable Transport Report 2014 Cedro
Public Transport Sector: Strategy and Pilot Project Implementation 2013 MoPT
Urban Transport Development Project 2013 CDR
Final Investigation Report on Ethiopian 409 – Boeing 737-800 MoPWT
The Transport Sector 2011 MoE
Rene Mouawad Airport Plan 2010 PCM
Analysis of Accident Patterns 2010 Choueiri, Choueiri, and Choueiri
Transport Sector Development Program 2006-2009 CDR
National Physical Master Plan of Lebanese Territories 2005 CDR
Lebanon's Experience in Air Transport Liberalization 2003 Directorate General of Civil Aviation
Infrastructure Map IDAL
Public Land Transport Guidelines 2002 Parliament
Civil Aviation Report 2002 AUB
Al-Fayhaa Vision 2020 Projects Al Fayhaa Municipalities Union
National Land Transport Strategy Options Greenline Association