Oil and gas
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Offshore Gas Sector Shifting Towards Domestic Growth 2020 LOGI
Geology Overview-Lebanon Second Offshore Licensing Round 2019 LPA
Tracking Revenues from Sales of Seismic Data 2019 LOGI
Lebanonís Gas Market Development 2018 IFI
Building the Lebanese Oil Sector 2018 Arthur D. Little
Reinforcing Transparency in Subcontracting in Oil and Gas 2018 LOGI
Is Lebanon Preordained for a Pre-Resource Curse? October 2018 LOGI
Establishing a National Oil Company (2) July 2018 LCPS
Lebanon Needs Clear Policy Prescriptions for Spending Petroleum Revenues July 2018 LCPS
Guidelines for Good Governance June 2018 LOGI
The ABC of Oil and Gas 2018 Blominvest Bank
Briefing of Petroleum Activities Tax Law no. 57-2017 Ernst Young
Sovereign Wealth Fund Proposal December 2017 LOGI
Recommendations To Enhance Transparency in Lebanon's Petroleum Legislation 2017 LOGI
Environmental Impact of Petroleum Activities 2017 LOGI
Exploration and Production Model Agreement 2017 LPA
Is Lebanon Really and Oil and Gas Producing Country? 2017 Fransabank
Oil and Gas Revenue Management 2017 MoF
Investigating Prequalified Oil and Gas Bidders October 2017 LOGI
Financial and Economic System of the Oil Sector in Lebanon LPA
Energy Policy and the Macro-Fiscal Nexus 2017 Alia Moubayed
First Offshore Licensing Round 2017 LPA
Towards a Comprehensive Energy Policy 2017 LPA
Current Electricity Laws and Regulations and Desirable Improvements 2016 Aziz Torbey
Sustainable Oil and Gas Development in Lebanon 2016 UNDP
Policy Recommendations to Escape the Oil and Gas Curse 2016 Maison du Futur
Establishing a National Oil Company 2016 LCPS
Managing Oil and Gas Revenues 2016 LCPS
The Two Decrees: An Issue of No Issue 2016 Malek Takieddine
The Drop in Oil Prices: Global and Local Ramifications 2016 Credit Libanais
Legislative, Regulatory and Fiscal Framework 2016 LCPS
Gas Stations Tied with Regulations 2016 BLOM Invest Bank
Offshore Petroleum Resources 2016 LCPS
Licensing and Upstream Fiscal Regime-2015
Avoiding the Resource Curse-2014
Lebanon: The Next Eastern Mediterranean Gas Producer? 2015
Snapshot of the Refined Petroleum Market-2015
MENA Quarterly Economic Biref-Plunging Oil Prices-2015
Oil and Gas Sector: A New Economic Pillar-2015
Maritime Boundaries and Natural Resources of the Republic of Lebanon-2014
Lebanon's Gas Trading Options-2015
Prequalification Process 2013 LPA
First Prequalifications Results 2013 LPA
Fossil Fuel Subsidies 2015 MoE
SEA for Petroleum Activities in Lebanese Waters 2011-2012 RPS Energy
Assessing Corruption Risk 2015 LCPS
Bankmed Analysis of Oil and Gas Sector 2014 BankMed
The Legal Framework of Lebanon's Maritime Boudaries: The Exclusive Economic Zone and Offshore Hydrocarbon Resources 2012 ASDEAM
Arab Gas Pipeline
Zahrani Oil Installations 1998 Oil Installations
Lebanon's First Offshore Licensing Round 2013 MoEW
SEA for Petroleum Activities in Lebanese Waters 2011-2012 RPS Energy
Tripoli Oil Installations 1998 Oil Installations
Zahrani Oil Installations
Lebanese Current and Future Gas Market 2010 MoEW
Study on LNG Supply, Market and Technical Viability 2009 World Bank
Hydrocarbon Strategy Study 2004 World Bank
Law for the Tax Provisions Related to Petroleum Activities
The Euro Arab Mashreq Gas Market Project EU