Miscellaneous Reports
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Sub-category: Miscellaneous Reports

Regional Consequences of the Conflict in Syria 2020 World Bank
Impact of Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance on the Well-Being of Syrian Refugees 2020 AUB-CAMEALEON
Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2014 Ė 2020 USAID
Growing Uncertainty for Syrian Refugees 2020 Refugees International
How Syrian Refugee Entrepreneurs Operate in Lebanonís Informal Economy 2020 IFI
What Next for Livelihoods Programs in Lebanon 2020 DSP
Lessons from the Lebanese Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem 2020 OXFAM
Facts and Figures on Syrian Refugee Crisis 2019 UNHCR-AUB
Social Protection From a System of Privileges to a System of Rights 2019 ANND
Facts and Figures on Syrian Refugee Crisis 2018 UNHCR-AUB
Funding Requirements of Refugees in 2017-UNRWA
Poverty,inequality and social protection in Lebanon 2016 Oxfam
Country Partnership Framework-2016-World Bank Group
Impact of Syrian Displacement on the Economy-2016-BDL
Lebanon Investment in Microfinance Program 2009-2015 USAID
Snapshot of Poverty and Labor Market Based on 2011-2012 Survey CAS-World Bank
Consultative Preparatory Meeting for Follow-up Intíl Conference on Financing for Development 2008 ESCWA
World Bank Country Assistance Strategy 2005