Miscellaneous Reports
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Sub-category: Miscellaneous Reports

Large Devaluation and Inequality Lebanon Case 2020 BSI Economics
Lebanonís Economic Freedom Score 2020 HF
Merchandise Trade Deficit and the Current Account 2019 BLOM Bank CDR HU
Country Report Lebanon Nov 2019 EIU
Labour Force and Household Living Conditions Survey 2018-2019 CAS
Human Development Report 2019 UNDP
An Unbalanced Economy-The Growth of Inequality 2019 CNRS Lebanon
Economic Brief 2019 European Commission
Trip Notes from Beirut 2018 Goldman Sachs
Pursuing Sustainable Development under Sectarianism 2018 IPI
Building Economic Resilience 2018 OECD
Time for PPP Implementation 2018 Libanpost (Arabic)
Building Economic Resilience in Lebanon and Libya 2018 OECD
Lebanese Economy in 2017-Byblos Bank
Household Conditions in 2015-Blominvest-2018
Real Estate Investment, Sovereign Debt, and Lebanonís Transnational Political Economy-2017-University of California
Economic Report 2016-Chamber of Commerce
Factors of Instability-American University-2016-DIA
Market Economy in Lebanon 2013-2015-Stiftung
Economic Highlights-Ministry of Economy-2014
Social Classes and Political Power-Fawwaz Traboulsi-2014
Economic Developments 2014-ABL
Millennium Development Goals 2013-2014-UNDP
Country Report-EIU-2014
Economic and Social Reform Action Plan 2012
The Lebanese Economy in 2012-CCIA-BML
National Social Development Strategy 2011
Framework for Estimating GDP Growth-Blominvest-2010
Country Report-EIU-2010
Millenium Development Goals 2008-UNDP
Lebanon Economic & Strategic Outlook-GIH-2008
The Economic Contribution of Copyright-Based Industries in Lebanon-2007
Post-War Economic Development 1992-2004-AMF
Lebanon Economic and Strategic Outlook 2008
Lebanon Economic and Strategic Outlook 2006
Lebanon Country Statistical Situation Report
Saniora Economic Program
PPP Guidelines